The great mocking…

I am still dealing with the selling of my old house. Also, I continually battle with the complications of settling into my new home. A friend reminded me that I should not let my blog sit idle while dealing with these concerns. He reiterated that I should post something so that my fans, I use that term very loosely, do not leave. There are about thirty posts that are currently on my hard drive. They need much editing to reach the mediocracy of my standard posts. The following is something that I have recently learned about.

“Now, on with the countdown”

The idea of feeding the planet in the future is an ongoing discussion. The human race is creeping closer and closer to a planetary population of nine billion people. We humans need protein to aid in healing and growing. Keep in mind that more people eat meat today than a year ago. This means that we must find protein alternatives. At this point, there are mainly two different “alternative meat” camps.

The first is mock meat. The idea is to create meat using plant-based foods. I won’t bore you with all of the details mainly because it’s way above my pay-grade. However, the science that they used was neuroscience. This process was surprising to learn about. These are not the lackluster soy burgers of my younger days. Forms of these meat products are currently on the market. There are restaurants all over the US that carry this burger. A handful of these eateries are near me.

There is one burger, in particular, that is truly astonishing. It is made entirely from vegetables. The looks of the imitation meat patty would fool anyone. In the pre-cooked state, it looks like a real ground beef patty. As a beef forgery, it even bleeds like a real burger. Beet juice is the cause of the bleeding. I have seen many reviews of this product, and it gets rave reviews. This mock meat burger is called the Impossible Burger. If you have the free time, please youtube it.

The second style is lab-grown meat. Small samplings of stem-cells are removed from a live animal. It is important to note that no animal is killed during the cell removal. In the laboratory, they use these cells to grow animal muscle. This animal muscle is real meat.

I should clarify that this meat is not being created for vegetarians. The lab-grown meat is still meat and vegetarians will not eat it. There is also a variety of mock meat that is currently on the market. Vegetarians are already consuming imitation meat products. These new creations are for the carnivorous humans of the world. Nothing spectacular is going on in this lab except for growing real meat while not killing animals. I am seriously flabbergasted!

In blind taste tests, they have fooled many people. All over the United States, you can get these mock burgers in stores and at restaurants. It is expensive in the beginning, as with everything. However, as they become more widely accepted the price will drop.

I am eager to try the new meatless burger creation. I also can’t wait to experience the lab-grown meat creation. Do not misunderstand me I am not looking to become a vegetarian. However, I acknowledge the unnecessary animal cruelty that is involved in feeding humans. I also understand that eating animals has been going on since cavemen. I am just ecstatic about our continual evolution.

From momtopia???

The following is a rerun for Mother’s Day. However, I have edited it as my writing skills have massively improved a little. To anyone who read the first entry, you might notice the removal of many commas and quotation marks. I was trying to keep the punctuation industry in business. However, I can only do so much as I am just one person.


Let me state that I know that this is better as a Mother’s Day post. However, my research was complete, and I did not want to wait. I did not want to put it on hold because the truth must be shared. Others need to know that they are out there. It is also essential for me to State unequivocally that I have no children. I know what I am talking about and my lack of munchkins proves this fact. I know many women who have children. After anonymously going on the inside this is my story.

All moms have a full-time job. When these heroes get hired, they are made aware that this is a permanent position. No time off will be given. They do get title bumps though with minimal if any pay increases except for emotional pay.

They start off with the title of Mama. This mama is blessed and given this small creature. Rumors have it that these mini creatures are sent down from the mothership by way of a stork. At this stage in the job, there are a lot of unmentionable real messes. These messes cause ample learning. These Wonder Women dressed as their alter egos begin to adapt. They realize the importance of being ready for anything. These small creatures brought by stork cause mischief beyond comprehension.

The next thing that these Wonder Women know is that they get the new title of Mommy. They are still not given a company manual for proper preventative practices. This step up in the company means fewer physical and more emotional messes. At this stage, these Diana Princesses (WW ref) have become used to being an employee of the month. They are awarded time after time and get very little recognition.

Just as they begin to get comfortable with this job title they get a new one. This new title is Mom. They do get some assistance from their co-worker. This cohort has also gone through the ranks. His job title has gone from Dada to Daddy and then Dad. Although this Amazonian woman still has total control. However, the teenage years makes her authority a challenge.

I know that there are only 24 hours in a day. I still do not understand how these Themyscira Champion’s (WW ref) do it. I found that these moms have other jobs as well. The number of jobs that these Wonder Women hold change as needed. They keep a plethora of jobs like techies, maintenance, Nurse or any role that is required. A human being needs sleep, and I’m not 100% sure moms sleep. This knowledge leads me to the conclusion that these Amazonian women (WW reference) are not from this planet.

After observing these mothers, I realized that they are in a type of sorority or sisterhood. These mothers have a mental connection. This link of the mind allows them to get support from any mother that is in the area. This aid can even come from those that they do not know. If in distress they have telepathic abilities. These abilities can lead another superhero mom to the rescue in a flash.

At this stage of my research, my information is hugely ambiguous. I have limited knowledge on this next part. Once these creatures reach a certain age, they are set free into the wild. And the process starts again.

I did not want to put my life at any more risk to get further information. This secret society seems to be growing in numbers daily. They walk among us without our knowledge. They are anonymous until we need the help of a mom. They fly in as if riding in an invisible jet to save the day. I don’t know about you, but I am glad that these superhero moms are out here. No matter what planet they come from. They save lives one child at a time. It is not Mother’s Day. However, when you have a mom in your presence, you can feel safe. Be sure to say thank you to her and all moms. You may think that they come from another planet (and I still think they might), but they are the unsung heroes in life.

Lost and confused…

Here I sit at a fork in the road. To the left, I see sunny skies. I remind myself that sunshine does not always mean clear skies. When I look to the right, I see darkness with rain. I am aware that to see a rainbow you must get through the storm. I contemplate this complicated conundrum. I think about the decision that lies before me. Unfortunately, behind me, there is a “dust storm.” This rough weather is trying to push me into making a rash decision.

I must make my path choice. I need to pick one path for my advancement to the next challenging split in the road. So what should be done with these two choices? This challenge is made more difficult by my moving. These concerns continue to complicate my rationale. I cannot think straight because of all of these issues and concerns. The more that I try to think I over analyze. I tend to examine so carefully that I miss out on the big picture.

I have missed some spectacular “life-altering” opportunities. These lost possibilities were both in the distant and even the recent past. As I stood on the precipice, my indecision answered when I was not ready. Just like the line in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade I “chose poorly.”

My trepidation and indecision will likely cause me to miss these fantastic opportunities continually. The lack of fearlessness while facing these possibilities will regularly hold me back. Like I was on a train with no stop in sight life will continue to pass me by. I know that I must take the next step. I need to pick a road to continue my travels and stop being overly cautious. The indecision of standing still will get me nowhere. However, my apprehension will continue to keep me from enjoying the excellent opportunities that present themselves.