The great mocking…

I am still dealing with the selling of my old house. Also, I continually battle with the complications of settling into my new home. A friend reminded me that I should not let my blog sit idle while dealing with these concerns. He reiterated that I should post something so that my fans, I use that term very loosely, do not leave. There are about thirty posts that are currently on my hard drive. They need much editing to reach the mediocracy of my standard posts. The following is something that I have recently learned about.

“Now, on with the countdown”

The idea of feeding the planet in the future is an ongoing discussion. The human race is creeping closer and closer to a planetary population of nine billion people. We humans need protein to aid in healing and growing. Keep in mind that more people eat meat today than a year ago. This means that we must find protein alternatives. At this point, there are mainly two different “alternative meat” camps.

The first is mock meat. The idea is to create meat using plant-based foods. I won’t bore you with all of the details mainly because it’s way above my pay-grade. However, the science that they used was neuroscience. This process was surprising to learn about. These are not the lackluster soy burgers of my younger days. Forms of these meat products are currently on the market. There are restaurants all over the US that carry this burger. A handful of these eateries are near me.

There is one burger, in particular, that is truly astonishing. It is made entirely from vegetables. The looks of the imitation meat patty would fool anyone. In the pre-cooked state, it looks like a real ground beef patty. As a beef forgery, it even bleeds like a real burger. Beet juice is the cause of the bleeding. I have seen many reviews of this product, and it gets rave reviews. This mock meat burger is called the Impossible Burger. If you have the free time, please youtube it.

The second style is lab-grown meat. Small samplings of stem-cells are removed from a live animal. It is important to note that no animal is killed during the cell removal. In the laboratory, they use these cells to grow animal muscle. This animal muscle is real meat.

I should clarify that this meat is not being created for vegetarians. The lab-grown meat is still meat and vegetarians will not eat it. There is also a variety of mock meat that is currently on the market. Vegetarians are already consuming imitation meat products. These new creations are for the carnivorous humans of the world. Nothing spectacular is going on in this lab except for growing real meat while not killing animals. I am seriously flabbergasted!

In blind taste tests, they have fooled many people. All over the United States, you can get these mock burgers in stores and at restaurants. It is expensive in the beginning, as with everything. However, as they become more widely accepted the price will drop.

I am eager to try the new meatless burger creation. I also can’t wait to experience the lab-grown meat creation. Do not misunderstand me I am not looking to become a vegetarian. However, I acknowledge the unnecessary animal cruelty that is involved in feeding humans. I also understand that eating animals has been going on since cavemen. I am just ecstatic about our continual evolution.

3 thoughts on “The great mocking…

  1. I looked up the The Impossible Burger on Youtube! Very cool and extremely interesting. My only “beef” (pun intended) with vegetable burgers and vegetable alternatives to meat is that a lot of them contain soy, and consuming lots of soy has been proven to make people infertile and to make men grow breasts because of the excess of estrogen in it. I do think that the world could do to eat less meat though. I have been trying to be more environmentally conscious lately. Perhaps that is what my next blog will be about! Thanks for the great post. 🙂

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      1. I haven’t had much soy in my life either. I tried soy milk once and thought it was gross, so I decided to avoid it. Now I have an excuse to! And good– I thought you might like the pun!

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