Lost and confused…

Here I sit at a fork in the road. To the left, I see sunny skies. I remind myself that sunshine does not always mean clear skies. When I look to the right, I see darkness with rain. I am aware that to see a rainbow you must get through the storm. I contemplate this complicated conundrum. I think about the decision that lies before me. Unfortunately, behind me, there is a “dust storm.” This rough weather is trying to push me into making a rash decision.

I must make my path choice. I need to pick one path for my advancement to the next challenging split in the road. So what should be done with these two choices? This challenge is made more difficult by my moving. These concerns continue to complicate my rationale. I cannot think straight because of all of these issues and concerns. The more that I try to think I over analyze. I tend to examine so carefully that I miss out on the big picture.

I have missed some spectacular “life-altering” opportunities. These lost possibilities were both in the distant and even the recent past. As I stood on the precipice, my indecision answered when I was not ready. Just like the line in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade I “chose poorly.”

My trepidation and indecision will likely cause me to miss these fantastic opportunities continually. The lack of fearlessness while facing these possibilities will regularly hold me back. Like I was on a train with no stop in sight life will continue to pass me by. I know that I must take the next step. I need to pick a road to continue my travels and stop being overly cautious. The indecision of standing still will get me nowhere. However, my apprehension will continue to keep me from enjoying the excellent opportunities that present themselves.

2 thoughts on “Lost and confused…

  1. Since I don’t actually know what situation you are talking about, I will say this: be brave! Take risks! Most of all: follow where God leads you. Good luck, and I hope you make the right choices. He will never lead you in the wrong direction.


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