Choreography of altruism…

What happened to “civility”?  What happened to the simple “thank you” and “you’re welcome”, in life?  Humanity seems to be failing us, as “civility” gets, tossed out the window.  This seems to be, the world according to ‘’me-isms”. When I was a kid and I, or anyone, would do something for someone else, one person would simply say “thank you”, and the other would simply say “you’re welcome”, and the matter was closed.  We did not “look in the bag” searching for more.  Some people in life, apparently, do not follow, the kindness “protocol”.  If one person has three “apples” and the other has none, person number two, is happy when given one of the “apples”. He does not search out a way to get the other two.  It is called “share” not “take”.  Humanity seems to have lost that “trait”. 

My church passes out rolls of wrapping paper, at Christmas time.  Last Christmas, they went to the parking lot, of several different stores.  Talk about, “wondering about humanity”, some stores did not allow the church do this, WAIT, WHAT?!?!  Sometimes, it was not even the store, but instead one specific manager, double: WAIT, WHAT?!?  I was told about one manager, who allowed it.  That manager even spoke with the church volunteers, and told, how they were doing, such a good thing.  When the new manager came on shift, he chased the volunteers away, stating that it was not allowed.  Yes, this is even after they told him, that the other manager had allowed it.  Sadly, I think people are too skeptical of, someone doing something nice, just to be nice.  For the record, the church does not, and was not, asking for anything.  They were asking for, no donations, no church attendance or anything of the sort, so again nothing was required.  They simply said “Merry Christmas” and here’s a roll of wrapping paper.  They were simply wishing people a “Merry Christmas”.  What is wrong with this church, right? Lol.  Showing kindness on Christmas, how absurd?  These “churchy” people are, obviously, mentally disturbed lol.  From my understanding, people were not very receptive to the idea, of taking this wrapping paper.  They seemed to think that, there was some sort of “obligation” attached.  Surprise, again, there was no obligation or requirements, it was simply a gift.  Good people doing, good things, what a concept. 

Some friends, got together, and made bags for the homeless.  Included in these bags, where all sorts of necessities and goodies, I was not there so I don’t know the contents.  Then, when they saw a homeless person, they gave this person a bag.  Again from my understanding, several people looked in the bag and said “what, no money?”  WAIT?!? REALLY?!?!    There is a simple: “gratitude” and “graciousness”, which I THOUGHT was a common practice.  I personally, started learning this in Boy Scouts, as a young man.  Apparently, not everyone was taught this simple, lessen.

THE WAY IT “SHOULD” WORK: The other day I went out to lunch with some friends, and I paid.  I’m not telling this to “brag” about myself, but I am still simply “disappointed” in society, and wanted to show how things could and should work.  We went to Red Lobster during lunch, so the meals were less expensive.  Keep in mind that, they eat like birds anyway, and we are only talking about $8 or $9 meals. They seemed to be unsure of how to deal with my treating, but after a few “attempts” to pay me back, there was a simple “thank you” (several actually J), then I said “you’re welcome”.  Issue closed. Everyone knows me, and they know me well enough to know, that when I do something kind, I do not “expect” anything in return.  It is called “kindness”, hoping to brighten the day of others, again what a concept, right? 

It is obvious, that society has become more about hatred, greed and indifference.  However, we should not be skeptical of every “act of kindness”.  There are many of us out in this world, who have nothing, but kindness and love in our hearts.  “Compassion” needs to be the shining factor and not “greed”.  Obviously, not everyone can buy lunch for a group.  We each need to, find our own way to help, make the world shine.  The only way to start making this world better is, for each of us, to “Be the Change”.  We can do this by adding, joy, altruism and outstretched hands to this world.  Let’s leave footprints of “kindness” and “love” wherever we go.  LOVE MUST PREVAIL! 

2 thoughts on “Choreography of altruism…

  1. SO true! I think that people forget how much humble service can help a community and help the world. In these days where every act of kindness gets a news report, people may forget that it is actually possible to do good things without needing or expecting recognition. That’s probably also a reason why people are so skeptical when others are kind just to be kind!

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