“”X” never, EVER, marks the spot…

Thankfully, Doctor Indiana Jones is not here, yet.  If I do this correctly I will “RULE THE WORLD! MWAH HA”…wait! Not actually “the world” but, I will “RULE MY LIFE!! MWAH HA”…well actually, the “Big Guy” rules the world and my life, so…I will “CONTROL THIS MOVE THE BEST I CAN, DEALLING WITH WHATEVER HAPPENS, THE BEST WAY I KNOW HOW, AND WITH A POSSATIVE ATITUDE MWAH HA HA HA!!!”

Contemplating this complicated conundrum of craving capacious containers to carry this clutter, I realize that I am in lack.  I don’t know if Indiana Jones could, understand the clutter that is in this defiled decayed and defective debris, but I will do my best, before his arrival.  Of course, just when I dig through one pile, another tumulus appears.  Doctor Jones and I are in a “race” to discover as much as possible, to see who will control the destiny of the artifacts.  I want the artifacts to be used and not simply sit, taking up valuable space, in a museum.  As I dig in the space called, named by a local tribe, a “garage”, I find odd things.  I found, what looks like some sort of footwear, 2 different types, for a one legged man.  Although, I found no signs of any children, I found what appears to be “art” that could have only been done by an adolescent.  Realistically, the “art” could have also been done by an adult who indulged excessively in some sort of ritualistic “wine” dance.  The artifacts that I am finding are confusing, at best.  Some of these antiquities resemble those found in Greece, as if someone lived there, before living in the “dwelling” that I am currently digging in.  I don’t mean to be anthropocentric, but it appears that they also had some sort of feline, living with them.   It looks like they must have “worshiped” this creature.  I read some research papers, showing how some cultures will “worship” specific animals, like a deity, that lives among them.  There are also plenty of pictograph signs of the tribe that lived here.  

Surprisingly, someone suggested something about the storage structure outside, more STUFF I forgot about.  Maybe, that is where Doctor Jones began, in the outdoor structure?  Interestingly, these artifactitious items seem to be never-ending?  Apparently, the ancient storage structure out back has some sort of “lock” that has no signs of any type of “key”.  This means, as I delve into this conglomeration of physical remains of this “ancient culture”, I am also searching for the “key” of “725Powhatanstructure”.  The “725Powhatanstructure”, appears to be, a burial ground for more of these “historical artifacts”.  I do not want to dig these artifacts up, only to rebury them in a new location.  It looks like; I will find them before Doctor Jones has a chance. Meaning, I will decide where the artifacts will go.  I believe the best choice is, for me to give them to the local tribe.  I know that Doctor Jones wants to give them to a museum, but I believe the local tribe would benefit more.  I understand the “reasoning” that Doctor Jones has for wanting them to be in a museum.  However, I know that the local tribe will “share” them or use them to barter with the tribes down the river.

Archeology is not my specialty, however, I learned a lot from this dig.  Sadly, the artifacts from the tribe, from this dig, are perplexing, to say the least.  It appears, from various relics, that they lived in only a handful of locations, before deciding to stay in this domicile.  Since I will be scattering these relics, the proof of the existence of this tribe, will all but disappear.  Although, it appears that they were joined in some sort of “matrimony”.  It seems they saw the sun circle the earth, seven times while in this “wedded state”.  Since they will no longer reside here, nearly all proof of the existence of this tribe, will be gone.  It seems that this tribe ended its “wedded state” over a decade ago.  And although the pictographs show pure joy, it is hard to imagine the cause of such a tragic ending.  No matter if it is the Romans, the Mayans or this tribe; it is truly disappointing to see a “tribe” disappear in such a disheartening way. 

3 thoughts on ““”X” never, EVER, marks the spot…

  1. Very entertaining post! I liked the bit about the “wine dance” lol. Looking back at old things can be both a reminiscent and sad experience (or both at the same time.)


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