Living in an app world… 

I have spoken about how technology has advanced and helped us in life tremendously. I told how fantastic futuristic inventions have made my life significantly better in various ways. For example, it has helped me open and close blinds that are out of my reach and let me answer the doorbell without being at the door. Using this tech verbally, I can set a reminder, check the weather, listen to music, phone a friend, or even call for help. In addition, I can turn on lights or the television, open the garage door, and turn on ceiling fans with these advancements.

When I was a kid, I knew a senior woman who desperately depended on others for everything. She could not drive a car, and her handwriting was hideous, making her dependency on others even more essential. She needed these assistive people to transport her everywhere she desired to go shopping, like groceries and clothes. Others even helped with her many money matters and assisted by writing her checks, paying bills, and opening and reading her primary mail. 

I am a very private person who does not want to break the privacy palisade. However, it is easy to keep my things confidential in this world of “there is an app for that.” I have banking, scheduling, budgeting, and even delivery apps. My app list has a library app, a photo app, and even an app for reviewing all apps. These applications, secret or otherwise, make it easy to keep a dividing barrier between private and public information and help me manage my life with ease.

My banking application has a variety of skills, like it allows me to pay my bills by setting them up to be paid automatically or as needed. I can write checks, pay individuals, or schedule a transaction for a later date. Using this banking function, I can transfer money or send a cashier’s check anywhere and to anyone, all with the cell phone in my hand. My online financial institution is also open 24/7, so I can occasionally call if an account query puts me in a quandary.

I have food delivery apps that will deliver dinner from a diner at dusk or other forms of food on Friday. In the past, I needed treasures for tipping and papers for purchasing, but that is a part of history as technology has raised modernity to new heights. So instead, I open the app for groceries or mealtime and pick what form of food, where I want it delivered, and when to consume it. The application holds my details, including address and payment method, and even allows me to tip all with the push of a button, meaning no longer is there a need for cash.

When most people grocery shop at the brick and mortar store, they can roam like nomads wandering through the desert. If you forget an item, that lazy stroll through the store might give a needed reminder to aid your brain box as to what that missed item is. You cannot stumble upon a hint while gliding through the aisles when ordering groceries through the app. The application will suggest things like hot dog buns, chips, and drinks if you buy hot dogs. On the positive side, a plethora of purchases provoked by hunger will not happen while using this grocery store app. 

There is an app for delivering a delicious dinner, a luscious lunch, or for that matter, a meal at any time of day. Many restaurants offer their menu through a delivery service, yet the choice is yours for whom you should use. There is a lengthy list of restaurants that use a delivery service, and the list is growing by Leaps and Bounds. So whether you want food from a Sports Pub or a meal from a white tablecloth restaurant, the options are plentiful. Finally, a similar systematic strategy for setting up these applications, downloading, signing up, and giving them the address makes it simple. It is unquestionably that easy. 

When you are hungry and want a snack, it is really that simple: just open the app. Find the restaurant whose food you crave and go crazy with your order, like you live in a cave. Merely browse the menus that they offer and find the enticing edibles, and they will chauffeur. Once you have the vittles from the restaurants you fancy, sit down at the table and eat carefreely. 

At that point, your order sets a series of events in motion, all from that one button push that manipulates mealtime forever. First, they send your order to the restaurant to begin prompt preparation to execute expeditiously. Then, before your order is ready, they send a message through the delivery app to let drivers know it is available for diligent delivery. Then a driver comes to the restaurant and picks your meal up for a quick quest to find your house. While being transported, you can even track the driver in real-time through the app’s technological advancement. 

Gone are the requirements of getting dressed, entering public, and having a sit-down meal. Instead, you can have fast food for one or slow food for ten, and all delivered quickly and conveniently to the location of your choosing. I feel I was born at the right time, as I love my independence and require no help from others for tasks like these. I cannot wait to see what technology comes up with next.

The cashless world is now.

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    Charlene English ”I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”


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