My 2022 is so bright I need to wear shades…

I do not set New Year resolutions; however, I have ideas and goals to develop and put into place. Of course, here we are in 2022, and I hope it will be a good turnaround year. The last two years have treated me exceptionally poorly physically, mentally, and emotionally. This thought means my new goal for this lap of the Earth around the Sun is to get my body, mind, and spirit back on the right track. I plan to accomplish this in various ways to put my chi back in line with the universe by using meditation, exercise, and bettering my sleep. First, here is a list of some of the positive things I will bring into 2022 as we continue rolling through time. 

There are a plethora of health benefits to the simple act of standing. For this reason, the VA bought me a power-standing wheelchair so that two to three times per week, I can stand to reap these perpendicular positioning perks. My daily driver wheelchair is still my manual title ZRA, which allows me to build my arm strength while moving around my house and public with ease. The VA hired a Physical Therapy company to come to my house and teach me to transfer into the chair independently. It helped me some, but I still could not comfortably nor safely slide into this chair without help. At that point, the VA hired a company to come to my house three times a week and aid me in this elevated endeavor of mine. serving my country has allowed me to receive the Veteran benefits that have been extremely valuable in my life. These perks have helped me in ways I never considered plausible; although I am now in a place physically, I never imagined possible.

As for my daily driver, it is a ZRA manual wheelchair, I have a date to evaluate me for a new Tilite chariot. My current chariot is six years old, and I often hear the squeaky bolts and joints yelling at each other to hold tight with all their might. Whenever my chair turns, stops, or rides over even a slightly bumpy road, everything is screaming and straining to stay together. The first thing in the morning, when I get in my chair, there is a loud bolt pop shouting in a thick New York accent, hey, I’m sleeping over here! In addition, the seat pan is what they call a sling seat pan and has sagged, making sitting square in the chair an uncomfortable undertaking. The seat pan and cushion also need to be longer to support my thighs, positioning my feet correctly and more comfortably on the footrest. Finally, the body ages and changes over time, and so does machinery, requiring a significant overhaul or a simple replacement.

The aide helps me around the house, assisting me with cleaning and putting groceries away. More importantly, she aids me by cooking foods I would otherwise not cook for myself, expanding the list of foods I get to enjoy. Unfortunately, my muscles fatigue quickly, meaning I cannot spend much time preparing food, making the variety of food that I produce myself extremely limited. Nevertheless, I need to avoid TV dinners, and I have learned a few minor tricks to cook food simply and healthy. My goal for 2022 is to continue learning to cook for myself and have the aide cook occasionally. However, the bad part about the aide is that there is no consistency in punctuality or even showing up, making everything a coin toss, whether or not it will happen.

Since I had to stop swimming at the pool because of the pandemic, I have lost much muscle mass and desire to return ASAP to this advantageous aquatic activity. I hope the aide who helps me with the power chair can also help me return to the pool. Happily, she has already said she would gladly assist in the water, so it is now up to the VA to pay. However, my daily living is drowning in difficulty and daunting dilemmas because of losing my swimming, stamina, and strength. Maybe I am jumping the gun a little, but I have the swim instructor who taught me these salubrious swim skills lined up to help me get comfortable in the water again once I return. Of course, everything depends on punctuality and whether or not the aide will even show up; so far, I would give her a low grade.

Lastly, I have had ten of my blog entries published in a national magazine, which feels extremely good, and hopefully, it added a few extra readers to my blog. In addition, several published authors and a few writers have told me my blog is well written and made various other positive comments. One author wants to help me turn my writings into a book, but I continually question it as a lengthy and laborious journey. So we will see where life takes me and my blog over the year 2022 and beyond because experiencing life gives me something to write about, so I need to get out of this house.

There are 168 hours in a week, and I have company for a total of six hours a week, if I am lucky. Being locked in a house with no socialization can simply drive a person mad. So this idea of a desire to avoid continued loneliness means it is time to get back to the pool and life in general as soon as possible. So this is my final set of goals for the new year: get back to the pool and my exercise regimen, and if I am lucky, maybe even date and find someone before I hit fifty.

The future depends on what we do in the present.

7 thoughts on “My 2022 is so bright I need to wear shades…

  1. Good stuff Scott I like that you are setting goals this year. I liked the comedy too of the wheelchair having a New York accent. Glad to hear you are getting recognized by magazines

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