Two friend conundrums same low price…

I would rather walk three miles in the dark with a friend than one mile in the light alone. There are many types of friends, and they all have their specific place in one’s life. We have good friends and not so good friends, text friends, and best friends. There are phone friends and lone friends, school friends and cool friends. There are work friends and camp friends, church friends and nerd friends.

Each of these friends has their strengths, and they tend to stick with those characteristics. They can move from one zone to another although it does not happen often. A work friend can become a best friend, and a lone friend can become a cool friend. Most days I feel like life is a soup and I’m a fork.

I feel that it is essential to have a variety of several types of friends at all times. It is crucial to have good friends in all aspects of your life. For example, I have swim class friends and church friends, but I seem to be missing a few other types. Yes, those friends are important, but I am lacking game or movie night friends. I have a deficit of “let’s get lunch because it is Saturday” friends or “let’s hang out cause I need a new pair of shoes friends.”

Some people may say that if I had a wife much of my friend deprivation would be resolved. I understand and sort of agree with this hypothesis. I look forward to the day that I have a wife. Although I will not rush into a bad marriage just to fill the echo chamber within. However, there is a critical twist to this conclusion. It is good to have time apart from your wife meaning I am still in need to somehow fill this void.

When I swim, it is during daytime hours. This means that meeting people my age is a rarity at the pool where I spend a huge part of my life. I am betting that most people that are my age are working. I am not sure what the solution is to this dilemma. This complicated conundrum will cause my continual contemplation.

Switching to my second situation

I find myself in an interesting circumstance as I continue to swim laps. In a word: lonesomeness. It is different being home and alone as opposed to being in the pool and in a solitary situation. When I am alone at home, I have things to do like work on my blog or even do laundry. Some days there are people in the pool and many times not. The previous shows how it feels when the pool attendance is low like being in the emptiness of space.

In the class area, I can hear my fitness group. I wish that I could join them in their reindeer games. I will be swimming laps for my fundraiser for a few more weeks as I am at the halfway point. I will be extremely proud of this accomplishment like I was when I did the 5k in my wheelchair. However, I am bored out of my mind of the continual solitude that I feel. Humans are social creatures and even though I am shy I too enjoy palavering with the best of them.

Strangers can become best friends just as easily as best friends can become strangers

2 thoughts on “Two friend conundrums same low price…

  1. Good post. And I recently started swimming, and can agree with what you said about it being kinda lonely! Usually when I go, I am the only one there under 60. All of my friends are in school or at work.


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