Plenty of pains can I get some gains???

The further that I get into the swim for MS challenge the more that I get hit with physical difficulties. So far these struggles have not been significant enough to make me want to stop swimming. I have spasms in my legs more often than I used to. When my legs spasm now they look like they are in a river dancing competition. My routine of standing exercises that happens at home hourly has been happening less often because of a few falls. I find myself cautiously slowing down my transfers to eliminate the chance of tumbles.

I try to do squats in the pool as it is safer to exercise in the water. It is imperative to make sure that my legs can continue to bear weight. However, these leg building exercises have not been as successful as I had hoped. Since I have had MS for seventeen years, I am more willing to take some risks. I now keep all of my movements deliberate preventing possible problematic perplexities.

When I first began doing laps in my swim class, it was after two hours of exercising. I soon saw severe physical problems at home. I quickly lessened the intensity of my workouts to help aid in my recovery. It seemed that I recovered from most of those rapidly. However, there were some ineradicable issues.

I do not have to worry about my physical challenges impacting anyone else. I know where the stopping point is and will not cross it as there is no one at home to aid me if I take it too far. Think smarter not harder.

We all make daily decisions that could change our lives. These choices can take us down a sunny or even a dark path if we make the wrong decision. Sure there are the less impactful simple queries such as do I want to use a paperclip or a staple. Then there are the more significant options that can alter our lives forever. Do I want to tell my boss off and quit my job? Or do I bite my tongue and make the changes that he requested of me once again?

My final goal is to swim over six and a half miles. The debate that is currently going on in my head is: will I lose or gain more from this swim challenge. I do feel that in the long run, I will get stronger. I may have a few setbacks, but I believe that they are setups for what my future has to offer.

The struggle that you are in today is developing the strength that you need for tomorrow.

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