Robots can’t dance…

Moore’s law states that technology will get twice as powerful every 18 months. When I started this blog, it was simply going to be about all of the advancements in the world of technology. I planned it to be strictly informational. I wanted to talk about all of the automation that we will have in the near future. However, the more that I have learned, the more that my ideas have evolved and the leerier I get at what is coming. The technology that I thought was more than a decade away is presently becoming a reality.
First, self-driving cars have driven nearly three and a half million miles on our roads, to date. We did not realize how close these automated machines of wonder really are to be released to the market. The scarier thing is that anything with a computer can be “hacked”. I saw a story that showed how a couple of hackers hacked a car while it was on the road and someone was behind the wheel. Is Moore’s Law the same for hackers, as well? Will hackers get twice as powerful every eighteen months? They are even linking our cars and our smart home devices. Making these “techno gadgets” live in our lives together in a state of symbiosis. This way, when we do have autonomous cars, they will have comprehensive control over EVERYTHING. Let’s be honest, if robots “take over”, they might as well have, an all-encompassing and total domination of…well…our existence.
Second. Four-legged robots, that sort of look like pack mules, are soon to be used, for our soldiers in war zones. These robotic “slaves”, will carry supplies, and the like for military personnel in battle. This will help lighten the loads in our soldier’s packs and make the units agiler, with a more rapid response time. These soldiers, currently have reconnaissance drones, which can be carried in a backpack. Additionally, these model plane sized drones, can be launched from a soldiers hands, and be controlled by a remote that is just as small. I saw how, they will soon be releasing, reconnaissance drones, that will be the size of a dragonfly. The military robots, on the horizon, will likely be used for a civilian police force as well. There are a great number of things, which have gone from released only to the military to a “civilian release”, much faster than we realize.
Finally, we have simple vacuum cleaners that clean on a schedule, while no one is home, although they can’t think for themselves…YET! However, there is so much more coming, that it will scare you. In fact, now in my eyes, it is plausible that robots will take over the world. The question is: will we be able to keep this from happening?
Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to be like in the movies, where robots come in and simply start shooting up the place. (Sadly, humans are, sort of, doing this to themselves.) Robots are being made very smart. This simply allows us to weaken our bodies and even our minds to the point that we won’t be able to defend ourselves if there is an “uprising”. I believe that there is a lot of good technology available, but at the same time, some of it is developed to foster our own laziness. Consider the “Segway” like devices currently on and those coming to the market; these are going to weaken our muscles. I can tell you from experience: “use them or lose them”. Think about it, the less that we use our muscles, the weaker we become. It is believed that robots will be able to repair and build themselves, like elves working in Santa’s workshop. They will have this “self-creation” competence, within the next two decades. This will eliminate humans from the “building” equation. Although I am not technophobic, I am now, a bit distrustful, of robots. All of this makes me wonder, how far off the movie IRobot, really was.

2 thoughts on “Robots can’t dance…

  1. I had no idea that they were making robots that will go onto the battlefield! That is scary. I find the ideaof robots and high technology like that terrifying. I don’t want to become lazy! I always think of the movie Walle, (the one with the cute little trash robot) because technology is so advanced that everyone has their own hoverchair and holographic screen in front of them. Everyone is overweight and stares at a screen. No one knows what is going on around them! I only hope that the world wont go too far in that direction.

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