How to spot a fake disabled person…(REMIX)

This holiday season, many have family visiting, whether from out of state, out of town, or closer to home. For this reason, I am reposting a previous blog to help ignite a fiery conversation discussing the topic below. This blog is about an issue talking about fake disabled people and how to deal with these fraudulent phonies with mock maladies. This conversation should spread across the globe as an understanding of the facts needs to be distributed with dinner table discussion or however your family communicates. I hope everyone has a beautiful and safe holiday season, and please come back and continue reading my blog series about my one-thousand-mile move from Ohio to Florida.

How to spot a fake disabled person…(REMIX)

If you are reading this post to find out the clues I can teach you so that you can spot the person faking a disability, then keep reading. For example, you saw a guy park in a handicapped space and walk inside unassisted, so you want to call him out. You might have observed a woman use a wheelchair one day and a cane a few days later, and you want to bust her. The truth is that you should LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE!

People with disabilities can have physical challenges that are not visible and cause struggles you could not even imagine. But unfortunately, sometimes, they get attacked by a self-entitled morality vigilante that assaults them verbally or worse. I have heard of these onslaughts as demeaning notes left on a car windshield or a vicious verbal violation that left my friend Lisa in tears for hours. This abuse was after she felt exceptionally jubilant because her illness had Lisa bedridden the previous four days, and she was finally in a bipedal propulsion position.

Just because you see a co-worker using a wheelchair one day and a cane the next only shows that disabilities change daily. The pain level or physical abilities could be high one day and drop like the stock market in a recession the next day. Likewise, when you see some guy park in a handicapped spot and walk into the building with no mobility aid, he could have a heart condition, breathing issues, or any other invisible ailment. These hidden symptoms can be as many and varied as types of fish in a lake, meaning: LEAVE THEM ALONE!

My friend Jim told me he let those fakers know he sees them and takes pictures to put them on blast by posting them on the internet. I quickly asked him what an individual with a disability looks like, and I stopped him without giving him a chance to respond. I explained how he might have good intentions but would probably ruin someone’s day because of his nonsense narking. Someone cannot easily spot a person with a disability in a crowd, like a guy wearing a fluorescent ball cap. Some of us with disabilities stand out because of our medical devices, like walkers, wheelchairs, or oxygen masks. However, many have unseeable disabilities that need your love and support, not criticism and condemnation.

The ignorance of society and how self-entitled people treat others so poorly makes me sad. So to all those individuals who do not have enough in their lives, making them want to criticize others, I say STOP! Live your life to the fullest and let others do the same because what you think you see is not what you actually see. If your life is that empty, find a hobby and spend every bit of your time controlling every aspect of the said hobby. Most importantly, since you know nothing about strangers’ lives, allow them the peace to live their lives as well. Everyone should make this a topic of conversation with friends and family, as the truth needs to be shared.

Control your life and leave others to control theirs.

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