Quickly conquer chaos…

Staying organized in life is an immensely important endeavor, no matter who you are. It is beneficial to keep all of your doodads and doohickeys diligently divided so you can reach them in an instant. The intelligent choice is to keep your selection of widgets and digits neatly stacked for your quick, convenient calculations. In addition, it is essential to keep your entire calendar of events prominently posted for your perfunctory perusal.

As a twenty-year veteran of multiple sclerosis, I like to stay exceptionally coordinated and formulated to help my life run smoothly. However, things have changed since before I began using technology to aid my memory and simplistic systematization. Before utilizing any automation application, I was old school, and the inside of my house showed it. Everything was coated in a thick yellow layer of post-it notes, reminding me of things like I was a retired senile scientist. These notes reminded me of the most mundane tasks because, at the time, depression made sitting on the couch my only priority. These inked notes reminded me of everything, including brushing my teeth, meal times, and when to check the mail, along with many other just as ridiculous reminders. My bills were all piled neatly in several separate stacks showing me what had been paid and what was still outstanding.

There is now so much technology to help you stay organized excuses have gone with the dodo bird. 3.48 million Applications exist in the Android Play Store, and 2.22 million apps reside in the Apple app store, reminding us there are many apps for that. These application operations can assist you in budgeting, household chore reminders, or even when to simply throw old apps out the window. Gone is the day of tying a string around your finger to remind you of a task you inevitably forget anyway. The process of writing a to-do list on a piece of paper you soon lose track of is a thing of the past.

Smartphones, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Pod, computers, tablets, and even smartwatches make staying unorganized a problematic task. We MSers and most people need to find what works best to keep our lives formulated and coordinated to avoid confusion and chaotic clutter. Multiple sclerosis causes plenty of mind messes like shoddy short-term memory. So we must be aware of our weaknesses and find assistive tools to help us be the best we can be. Do yourself a favor and find apps to help organize all areas of your life, from finances to scheduling and everything in-between, as the possibilities are endless.

With organization comes empowerment.

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