Continuation Isolation nation …

pic 1 lifeI typically get my blog ideas from my life experiences as I muddle through my daily existence. How someone interacts with me or maybe has an attitude and verbalizes it gives me some ideas. I might write about a fall I had or how a piece of equipment helps me in some particular way. A few times, a TV show or movie has widened my eyes to an issue that has allowed me to feed the brains of my readers about MS. There have been times when a book and even a song helped mold a blog topic that made a difference in at least one person’s life.

However, as I sit here in a house full of only me, my blog topic ideas continue to dwindle. The blog concepts have shrunk so low you have to use numbers scientists use when measuring atoms to count them. I am struggling to find a topic that I can discuss in a valuable way leading to education information that I can share. I have a handful of followers and readers, and I want to make any time they spend on my website worth their time, so they return.

pic 2 eduIn this seclusion delusion, we find ourselves in I am struggling mentally, physically, and even emotionally. My brain and my emotions battle with each other in search of any blog ideas that can help me educate anyone who still reads my writings. Physically my exercise options are significantly limited not only restrained by my lack of abilities but by the fact that I am alone. There is no one here to keep me accountable, and that fact allows me to limit what I do.

I still keep myself on the same sleep schedule, waking up early and going to bed early. I do this so that in a few years, whenever they open the pool up again, I will be able to return without difficulty. I also keep a similar daily routine, trying not to mess up my daily duty procedures, all in hopes of making my returning transitioning less stressful. I still take a brief twenty-minute nap as not to mess up my nighttime slumber practices.

pic 3 health fdoodI try to eat healthier to avoid gaining weight so that seat to seat transfers are as safe as possible. I eat only three meals a day and do not snack throughout the day to again lessen the chance of my midsection swelling unnecessarily. I also eat on a schedule and limit the volume of my food to keep me from engulfing all the food I have. Lastly, I do not eat candy or sugary sweets I fend off fast-food, and dodge deep-fried meals as these all can help pack on the pounds.

pic lastI understand that this quarantine is hard on us, forcing us to do things and be places that we usually are not. I do not know about anyone else, but the consequences from this lockdown will have devastating setbacks that will last for years. This solitary confinement will still have such negative impacts even with all of my cautious preparedness. So I say to anyone reading these written words do you a favor and hope for the best but plan for the worst.

Think smarter, not harder.

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