Don’t stop believing…

pic 1 mudMy blogs have come to me staggeringly slow as of late. Not to mention, it is difficult to write my essays as I get most of my ideas from socializing. Unfortunately, being locked up in my house with no human interaction does not help in this matter, making writing doubly difficult. When I am finally able to duct tape several parts of a topic together, it is as complicated as running through knee-deep mud to put this patchwork into words. I have tried something called freewriting, where you write anything for a set amount of time to jumpstart your creativity. Alas, it has been unsuccessful and has accomplished nothing except filling a blank page with nebulous thoughts.

Interestingly, since I began posting a blog every other week, my readership has dropped precipitously. I am the same person with a writing style that has not changed and that people have raved about when they read it in the past. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, that one extra week in-between has made many people jump ship. If a person is not a fan of my ramblings, that is fine. However, for those who have enjoyed my words, how does an extra week change that? Don’t they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder? For that matter, if you have not visited your favorite restaurant in a while, don’t you get more excited when you finally do?

pic 2 eyesPlease do not misunderstand me. I do not want sympathy reads or people to feel obligated to muddle through my seemingly desultory words if they have no interest. I said it before if you are not into my writing, that is fine, different strokes for different folks. However, for those who do like my blogs, my question is, what are you waiting for? I have put the words out there; they are merely looking for the eyes of a reader to peruse my periphrastic articles.

Someone pointed out to me that my goal of a two-page blog is not always necessary. This idea can help a little, but typically, if I have a topic and a beginning, the words usually flow, eliminating any purpose of a shorter blog. Maybe this scribble is a good idea for a new blog topic where I discuss the aforementioned issues. I often say that my essay topics come from living my life and overall experiences doing so, why should this be any different?

pic 3 bookThe other possibility is that maybe this is an excellent reason to turn these essays into a book. If I did publish a book, then people can buy it and read it as fast or slow as they would like. My new quandary causing query would then be could I raise the quality of my old blogs to match my latest writings. Sadly, turning these essays into a book brings up a plethora of creative complications that need consideration.

Whatever you think you can do, you are correct.

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