Delivery chivalry …

ggogleI have spoken about how technology has advanced and helped us in life tremendously. I told how fantastic futuristic inventions have made my life significantly better in various ways. It has helped me open and close blinds that are out of my reach and lets me answer the doorbell without being there. Using this tech verbally, I can set a reminder, check the weather, and I can listen to music or call for help. With these advancements, I can turn on lights, the television, and I can open the garage door and in some cases turn on ceiling fans.

When I was a kid, I knew a senior woman who desperately depended on others for everything. She could not drive a car, and her handwriting was horrendously hideous. These assisting people were needed to drive her anyplace that she needed to go like shopping for food and clothes. Others even helped with her many money matters. These people assisted her by writing her checks, pay bills and open and read her major mail.

appI am a very private and independent person who does not want to break that privacy palisade. However, in this world of “there is an app for that” there is no issue of concern for keeping my things private. I have a banking app and scheduling app; there is a budgeting app and a delivery app. My app list has a library app and a photo app and even an app for reviewing all apps.

My banking app allows me to pay my bills by setting them up to be paid automatically or as needed. I can write checks, pay individuals, or schedule a transaction for a later date. I can transfer money or have a cashier’s check written all with the help of my banking app. My online financial institution is also open 24/7. This action means that on occasion, I can call with questions if an account query puts me in a quandary.

I have food delivery apps that will deliver dinner from a diner or other forms of nutrition next week. I used to need treasures for tipping and papers for purchasing, but that is now a thing of the past. I simply open the app for groceries or meal time and pick what, where and when I want it. It has my credit card information and even allows me to tip all with the push of a button so no need for cash. Food delivery is realistic, not futuristic.

There are two types of food delivery apps, and the first one delivers groceries. It is extremely elementary and has very little of a learning curve. You download the app and follow the simple directions for setting up an account, including adding a credit card and choosing the store that is closest to you. Although this priceless process is plain, it can also be particularly problematic.

When most people grocery shop at the store they can roam like nomads wandering through the desert. On the other hand, if a list is made and an item was forgotten a lazy stroll through the store might give a required reminder. When ordering with the app, you cannot accidentally see it on the shelf and remember it. Also, a plethora of profuse purchases provoked by hunger shopping is very unlikely. As you are strolling through the app, you will only be reminded of things like hotdog buns and chips if you buy hotdogs.

trackNext, there is an app for delivering a delicious dinner, a luscious lunch, or any meal in between. Some restaurants even offer their app with a delivery service, yet the choice is yours on who you should use. There is a similar systematic strategy for setting up all of these applications. You download the app and signup for an account, giving them any of the addresses that your meal will be delivered.

When you are hungry or want a snack simply open the app and find the restaurant that you crave, and that is open. Browse the menu or menus that they offer and find the enticing edibles that you desire and add them into the cart on the app. Once you have all of the vittles from the restaurants that you want in your cart and press the place order button.

A series of events are then set in motion from that one button push that manipulates mealtime forever. Your order is then sent to the restaurant to begin prompt preparation to execute it expeditiously. Before your order is ready, they send out a message through the delivery app to let drivers know that it is prepared for diligent delivery. At that point, a driver comes to the restaurant and picks your meal up for a quick quest to find your house. While it is being transported, you can track the driver in real time.

end o blogGone are the requirements of getting dressed, going into public, and having a sit-down meal. You can have fast-food for one or slow food for ten all delivered for your convenience. I feel that I was born at the right time as I love my independence and not requiring help from others for these tasks. I cannot wait to see what technology comes up with next.

The future IS now.

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