My MS employment potentiality…

The blog for this week has been canceled due to a blogging position that has been offered to me. We still need to nail down the details of everything that they require from me. Honestly, I did not think that I was good enough as a blogger for a magazine. However, my self-deprecating opinion has since been corrected several times. They especially enjoyed my MS blog entries as this will be for a national MS magazine. I will still be posting entries here on my personal blog because this job will not be a full-time position.

This is my understanding although I do not know any of this for a fact yet. The periodic publication employees will pick a topic and pass it out to all of us bloggers. At that point, we writers will type something out for the magazine staff to peruse. The team then picks some of their favorite entries and adds them to the upcoming issue. I do not know any of the blog details yet like how long we will have to write these words. It typically takes me one and sometimes two weeks to complete a three-page entry for my personal blog.

They are currently taking my four-part twelve-page MS story and significantly condensing it. It is my understanding that this abbreviated version will be added to the spring issue. I honestly did not ever think that my story would be in a magazine. Who knows maybe my memoir can help someone dealing with their own difficult situation. I have seen my life significantly flipped and turned upside down in the past five and half years. I have a new house, friends, I am physically stronger and medically stable for nearly ten years. At this point, I cannot wait to see what will accentuate my life next.

I am a little bit nervous because I have never written on demand. I have read a few of the past blogs, and I hope that I can do as well. Let’s see what I can do. Not to mention I come up with my topics myself as I write. We will see how this chapter of my life continues to evolve. I want to slide farther from the place that I was and move closer to the place that I should be. Again stay tuned because I will continue to post on this site.

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