We all need vitamins S, U & N…

This Sputnik tells me AGAIN that we are having a high “solar toxicity” day. I have noticed that we have had more of these toxic solar days, than in years past. My sun shields have been getting more of a workout than Richard Simons in the 1980’s. We have had to stay indoors so much recently, that I think that we are all going a little berserk. I ordered my groceries yesterday, and they were delivered to me an hour ago. The delivery people always look funny when they deliver groceries on high solar toxicity days. I always remember the movie “Back to the Future,” the spaceman scene. I mentioned the movie, to the delivery guy. Sadly, he was too young and looked at me like I was weird. I think that some of the films that I grew up with, like that one, should be mandatory viewing.

I heard this questionnaire yesterday. The first question went like this: what is your favorite thing in your bedroom? My answer would have to be “my heart.” The second question was: what is your least favorite thing in your bedroom? My answer to that one is also “my heart.” My heart causes me extreme sadness and sometimes joy. It causes me great consternation and other times calm. However, many days I want to merely say: Dear heart, please stop getting involved in everything. Your job is to pump blood, that’s it.

However, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I know that someone out there will appreciate that. Sadly, I also realize that I have to win the lotto of love. The number of women that will understand me is shrinking, because of my “irregularities.” I am in a wheelchair, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I have a beard. Although, that last one has changed about a million times over the previous 113 years. Other than a scratch off once, I do not play the lottery. Hopefully, one day I will win this lotto of love.

When they build houses now, they put in a “sunroom.” I found this odd, as it is not a sunroom like my younger days. The “sunroom” of today has the same concept, as the old “sunlamp.” The “sunlamp” was a treatment for “seasonal affective disorder” (aka S.A.D.). The idea of “Heliotherapy” was to sit with this lamp facing you. The rationale was that, if you don’t get enough sunlight, you could get depressed. This lamp had light bulbs that were specific for the treatment of sunlight deficiency, giving off the needed UV light waves. When using the old “sunlamp,” you had to sit directly in front of the lamp, not doing anything else. This practice was extremely time-consuming and wasteful time management.

On the other hand, today’s sunroom is an entire room, filled with these beneficial glowing “orbs.” Now, more people can use this sunroom at the same time. If you are alone, you can do other things, like paperwork for school or the office. As an entire room, it is more successful at healing, than a simple lamp. All of these high solar toxicity days can cause depression. Now with these sunrooms, deep sadness caused by lack of sun, is nearly eliminated. My doctor told me to always watch out for “depression,” in everyone that I know. If people do not take the time for the sunroom treatments, depression can occur.

The Fast food industry’s popularity has taken a monstrous nosedive. This decline is because families have become “wallet conscious.” These “wallet watcher” families have been cooking at home. When they began to cook for the entire family at once, they saw how it is better in every way. For many years, families got away from the “communal table.” Now, fast food attendance has been in a total decline, as families return to the family meal. Fast food companies have tried various enticements to encourage customers to return. They have had no success with this. “Fast-casual” eateries, like Panera Bread, have significantly surpassed the burger places, like the old McDonalds.

Young people have been eating less fast food, for years. So three years ago most fast food companies merged. These businesses had barely been able to keep their doors open, as customers disappeared. Two weeks ago Wendy’s decided that it was time to “bite the bullet,” and join the downtrodden. So they joined this new fast-food conglomerate. This fast food merger made the company “Quik Bites.”

Fast food advertisements used to focus on a specific type of food, like tacos, burgers or subs. They now promulgate by boasting of the plethora of choices that you have with Quik Bites. They “pretend” that this was always the plan. However, most of us know the truth.

Then last night, Migro purchased this “Quik Bites.” I was able to talk with some of the head personnel at Migro. These Migro officials explained that they are going to be shrinking the fast food industry. Migro hopes to erase the existence of fast food, within the next five years.

A few years ago, most of the corporate “sit down” restaurants were also bought by Migro. They have been downsizing these corporate businesses, in hopes of eliminating them as well. This elimination has allowed the small family owned businesses, to boost the quality of everything. They are no longer in a challenging competition with corporations. Several Migro employees did not have a good family life as they grew up. They did not get to sit down and break bread with their families, as many of their friends often did. For this reason, they want to bring back the family meals that, they longed to have.

I am glad that family is what drives Migro. The puissant dollar was the focus for most corporations and individuals when I was younger. As I spoke with some of the heads at Migro, they explained that everything that Migro does revolves around family ideals. The family unit is what the focus should be. Most of my life, the family was not the cynosure of everyone, like it should have been. Everyone fended for themselves. As I was growing up, it was a “fast-paced, run, run” life. Mom rarely saw dad, and the kids rarely saw either. This life was different from the “Leave it to Beaver” days, of the 1950’s. THANKFULLY, I think that we are returning to that lifestyle.

6 thoughts on “We all need vitamins S, U & N…

  1. I hope that corporations really do start promoting family meals and less fast food! The world would be in a lot better shape (phtsically and relationally.)


  2. I think it is interesting. I always enjoy reading it, for sure. I don’t normally think about what life will be like in 60 or 70 years, so it gives me food for thought. I also love fiction, so it is fun for me to read. I’ll be about 92 when it is 2088, so I might actually make it that far if I play my cards right! Lol.


    1. Nice thanks 🙂 I like it since it is my journal some of what you read is true and obviously some is fiction. It is interesting to write. Not to mention I think my writing is getting a little bit better


  3. Yeah, definitely. I’ll be honest, I usually put varying degrees of myself into the fictional characters that I write about. I haven’t been writing lately because I’ve been dedicating time to other hobbys (I’m starting to have to many hobbys, haha), but it is fun to make yourself into a character. It’s like bringing your imagination to life.


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