The Migroth of a company…

This is my first journal entry of 2088. Ten years ago there was a business merger between Google and Microsoft. This merger made the colossal powerhouse Migro. I still think the name sounds like plant food. When these two companies merged, they were able to catapult human life expectancy, beyond imagination. The current life expectancy of a human is 150 years. I am now 113 years old. Although it has been said that 113 is the new 40, I defiantly do not feel 40. Migro seems to be buying companies, big and small, left and right. I think they want to own everything on the planet.

Five years ago, I signed up for the human trial for “Sputnik”. This is a device implanted in and powered by the brain. The Sputnik device is a “turbocharged” version of the old “voice assistant” released in 2016. It also has many similarities with Google Glass from 2012. When they implanted the Sputnik into my head, they synced it with my “house system”. Migro wants there to be “synergy” among everything that you own. Important, and sometimes dire, information comes to the Sputnik. For this reason, they want everything to stop so that you are sure to hear this, quite possibly, detrimental information.

Like yesterday, when they warned us that it was going to be a high “solar toxicity” day. This meant that we needed to keep our windows, sun shields and visors closed. This information also made us aware that, we needed to wear our solar protection suits when venturing outside. This is why on days like yesterday I avoid going outside like a cat avoids bathwater.

I woke up this morning, hearing the sounds of oldies playing all over my house. After I got dressed, a really good song began to play. I decided to “dance” around, as I was cleaning. After 10 minutes or so, the music stopped because the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, my neighbor Tom, with a smile on his face, asked: “is everything OK Scott?” I said “oh, the sweat? Yeah, I was just cleaning”. “Well,” he said, roaring with laughter “through the window it looked like you were practicing for a musical.” We both laughed and talked for a few minutes. This reminds me to shut the windows as well as the sun shields when I dance.

I was told the other day, that Migro is very close to being able to erase specific memories. I personally would love to sign up for that procedure. I continually have memories and thoughts that haunt me, like a bad dream. Many times I walk around, my house like I have Tourette’s. I yell out “stop it!” or “what’s done, is done!” all to try to stop the memories and thoughts. All of these memories of ignorant comments and/or actions that, I have made or thought about, drive me crazy. I know that you have to be able to laugh at yourself, but I would not want my neighbors to see that. Someone seeing me dancing around as I clean is one thing. Yet, someone seeing me “yell” at myself is another thing altogether. Luckily, there are no “voices” in my head, other than Sputnik. Of course, I would only do this procedure if only “specific” memories were erased.

Migro has created many medical devices to help people. They are currently focusing on the disabled. I was intrigued to hear about, several devices that they have created to help people in wheelchairs, walk again. They started 5 years ago, with large “machines”. Seeing people climb into them, reminded me of climbing into an X-Wing fighter. These early machines were very expensive. They were also large, and would not easily fit into the average home. However, as with everything, it starts off large and expensive. Yet, as these innovations become commonly used, the price drops like the stock price of Apple after the merger.

I am curious about these “machines” that, aid in walking. I often wonder if having the ability to walk could help my romantic life. Should I even be thinking like this? I am always wondering if my deprivation of walking abilities has any effect on my romantic life or lack thereof. Could this new technology have a positive effect on my life, romantic or otherwise? Not to mention, since I am only 113, what technologies are still on the horizon?

The more that I think about it, I would say that my lack of walking abilities, probably has little effect on my romantic life. Meaning that these “mechanized legs” would also have little effect on my social life. This is likely the case, as I remember when TV was a big thing, I saw a TV show called “Push Girls”. We are talking about over 70 years ago. Sputnik obviously DOES boost the memory. Push Girls was a reality TV show about four women, living in LA, in wheelchairs. It showed all aspects of their daily lives including their romantic lives.

It reminded me that legs, whether working correctly or not, have little effect on romance. I still think that it is simply my “shyness” and my lack of “confidence” that has the larger effect on my romance. I will continue to contemplate this complicated conundrum. I need to come up with a solution, as I don’t want to be alone forever.

I was apparently born at the correct time. As Robert F Kennedy said in a speech in 1966, “we are living in interesting times”. If I am going to have MS and be in a wheelchair, this is the right time. They have these wearable “contraptions” that may help wheelchair users, walk again. This means that I could be out of my wheelchair more often, than in my wheelchair…maybe?

I am excited to see what comes of these wearable apparatuses. Will they help only in specific situations? Will the battery packs last, like the autonomous electric cars of today? There are MANY questions that can only be answered by “time”. I feel better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow. I am keeping a positive outlook on life “tomorrow WILL be better…I hope

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