Migro, Migro, Migro…

The Brady Bunch was a good TV show, which I enjoyed as a kid. This is my journal entry for today. I am eager to see what is on the horizon for 2088. If I have said it once, I have said it 1000 times: time is FLYING by. Honestly, I am never ready for the next year. Most days I feel like life is a soup and I’m a fork.
Only one time did I ever wake up to “rock” music. That day was like the first time waking up at boot camp for the Marine Corps. It scared me so badly, that my hair ran to hide, and never returned. In boot camp, to wake you up from your deep slumber, they would repeatedly bang on an old style metal trash can while yelling. It was like getting a shot of the caffeine from, 12 expresso coffees, in a fraction of a second. Waking up to rock music was quite the same way, especially in the home sound system of today. Of course, it did not help that the sound system was turned up from the party, the night before. Sure, it was a party of one (me), but I love playing my music loudly.
I am always surprised at the lack of socio-economic status of this time. It seems like in my thirties and forties people were always trying to be better than everyone else. It’s like they were thinking “I’m a doctor, I’m better than you”. And the nurse would say “but I’m better than the janitor”. I remember, in my 40’s, a woman asked me what I did, for a living. She apparently did not “approve” of my answer, so she simply cast me aside. She did not want to get to know the real me, the person who I am. I feel that to truly know a person, you have to have a decent conversation with them. A quick, one question and its reply, cannot tell you much about that person. Maybe, back then it was a status thing, who knows. Now it seems that an attitude like that does not exist. Now, you’re not an engineer you’re Bob. You’re not a janitor you’re Steve. You’re not a doctor you’re Janet. Life now is more of a “utopian” way of life.
I spoke with the inventor of the Sputnik yesterday. I was surprised to hear that he did not know anything about the actual Sputnik. His grandfather worked for NASA and had talked about Sputnik many times. But apparently, he did not listen to what his grandfather said about Sputnik. He did not know that Sputnik was the first artificial satellite, which was launched into space in 1957. He simply liked the word “Sputnik”, and a name was…reborn.
Although this Sputnik device, is annoying at times it also has its benefits. When they implant one into your head, they sync it to not only your brain but your house system, as well. This helps in several different ways. I personally like that I can be listening to music on the street, and as soon as I move into the house, it switches automatically to the home audio system. Also, you can say what you need out loud and the home assistant hears you and does whatever you ask of it. Ask it to: make a phone call, add something to your grocery list or to simply make dinner.
When you get a sputnik implanted, it actually boosts your memory, as well. Since I am in the human trials of the Sputnik they did not know all of the pros and cons. They did not mention how much the memory would be boosted. How else could I explain all of these detailed memories at 113 years old?! My dad forgot a lot in his mid-sixties. At 113, that is not the case, for me. After this trial is over, and they start correcting all of the issues, the Sputnik will sell like hotcakes!
Actually, hotcakes and bacon sound like a good breakfast, for today. Migro has done a few machines that are junk, but they do a lot of good machines as well. One example is the machine that makes food at your request. Migro made a machine that can make any food that you want. This machine reminds me of the “futuristic” movies of my past. It works slower than it did in old movies, but there is no effort needed. However, you do need to buy the groceries and have them in the “chill box”. For example, breakfast today will take 3 to 5 minutes. The good thing is that, again, I don’t have to do any of the work. Plus, it tastes much better than all of the TV dinners that I ate in the 2000’s.
Basically, I still live like a “bachelor”. Although I must admit that a bachelor lives quite differently today than over 6 decades ago. Now we don’t have TV dinners. As long as I buy the food and put it in the “chill box”, the house can cook it. The delivery of groceries is also a huge help. Lastly, we have the house assistant, to help us live better lives.
I will not be writing in this journal again until next year, 2088. WOW again, how time flies! It seems like just yesterday it was 2080. I say this every year, but I hope next year is my year of romance. Otherwise, 2088, and my 114th birthday will be another boring and lonely year.

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