The internet Inception introduced the importance of increased invulnerability.  When the internet was new, there was very little internet security.  At that point, they did not know internet security would be such a dire need. Now that the internet has been around for a while, companies SHOULD put top dollars, into Internet Security. This is especially important if people are going to be plugging in their credit card information on said company website. It really does tell you which companies respect their customers and those that do not.   You hear about the companies that do not put enough money into security, on the news.  Those are the companies that usually get hacked…OFTEN.  Of course the question is: who decides how much security is enough?  Personally, I’d rather put too much security, rather than not enough.  Companies like Wal-Mart, seem to think they are so big, that they don’t appear to care when they are hacked.  Walmart alone is worth 244 billion dollars so they simply pay the loss and move on. I personally have been “affected” by the poor internet security, at Walmart, several times. However, I have fixed the problem on my end.  I use PayPal, a third-party payment system.  NOW, when a company like Equifax is hacked, that is DANGEROUSLY DISASTROUS and DETRIMENTALLY DESTRUCTIVE.  Equifax is one of the three largest consumer credit reporting agencies in America. This of course means they have all of your personal information, and SHOULD HAVE paid “top dollar” to keep it secure. I have recently heard about, how the largest class action lawsuit ever was filed was against Equifax for 70 billion dollars, after their enormous data breach. There are 143 million people affected by this massive “data breach”. I believe that companies should get punished SEVERELY, for allowing such an event.  Think about it logically: If a speeding ticket was $5, would we stop speeding?  Of Corse not, most of us would always pay $5, to get where we are going faster.  We will have to see what the outcome of this class action lawsuit is. Other companies are watching, and if they are not punished or penalized in a major way, those other companies are going to see that, and possibly reduce their internet security. If you are reading this, and want to know if you were affected, DO NOT SIMPLY USE THE “EQUIFAX” WEBSITE!  Wading through the information “waters” is murky at best.  There have been many phishing scams set up, and they can cause more problems.  HOWEVER, USING ANY WEBSITE BY EQUIFAX WILL WAVE ANY RIGHTS YOU MAY HAVE!  My research says the following website is legit: equifaxsecurity2017.com.  Still, be aware that you are waiving ANY rights you have.

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