​Princesses of Themyscira…

Let me state that, I know that this would be better released on Mother’s Day, but my research was finished and I did not want to hold this until then. I did not want to wait, because the truth MUST be told, others need to know “they” are out there.  It is also important for me to State unequivocally, that I have zero children, so I obviously know EXACTLY what I am talking about here.  I know a lot of women, who have children; this is my understanding after anonymously going on the “inside” to get this research.  

All “moms” have a full-time job. Obviously, the title changes as they move up through the “ranks”. When they get hired, they are told that this is a permanent position, with very little time off.  They do get title bumps, though with very little if any pay increases (except for “emotional” pay). They start off with the title of “Mama”, as this “small creature” is bestowed upon them (some say brought by a stork from the “MOTHER” ship).  At this stage in the job, there are a lot of unmentionable “physical” messes.  Because of said messes there is plenty of learning, as well.  These Wonder Women, dressed as their “alter egos”, begin to adapt to always having diapers on hand, not to mention PLENTY of baby wipes for the times the “target is overshot” (or “undershot” as the case may be). The next thing they know, they move up the “company ladder” and get the new title of “Mommy”. Keep in mind that they are still not given a company manual for proper preventative practices and procedures.  This “step up” in the company means fewer “physical” messes and more “emotional” messes.  At this stage these Diana Princesses (WW ref) have become used to being “employee of the month”, time after time, with very little recognition. And again, just as they begin to get comfortable with this job title, they get a new one. The new job title is “Mom”. Yes they do get “some” assistance from their “co-worker” who has also gone through the ranks. His job title has gone from “dada” to “Daddy” and then “Dad”.  Now, at this point in my research, let me state emphatically, that there’s only 24 hours in a day, and once again, I don’t know how these Themyscira Champion’s (WW ref) do it. I found that these “moms” have other jobs as well.  Sure, some of them have jobs at the “office”, and that is significant, BUT the jobs only pile-up from there. These WW have many other jobs (lesser people might call them hobbies, but this researcher did not feel it was “safe” to say that in their presence) like Crafters, techies, maintenance workers, Nurse, receptionist and the list goes on, as needed. A human being needs sleep, and I’m not 100% sure “moms” sleep.  This leads this researcher to the conclusion; these “Amazonian” women (WW ref) are not from this planet. After observing these “moms”, I realized that there is some sort of “sorority” or a “sisterhood” that all mothers are a part of.  They have some sort of mental “connection”.  They can get support from any mother that they ask, even if they don’t know the mother.  If there is another one of these “moms” nearby while one is in distress, they have some sort of telepathic abilities.  This ability can lead this Super Hero “mom” to the rescue in a “flash”.  At this stage of my research, my information is extremely ambiguous…some might say “secretive”.  My limited knowledge leads me to the understanding, that once they reach a certain age, the “once little creatures” are “released into the wild” and the process starts again.  I did not want to put my life at any more “risk” to get more of the story of this “secret society”.  They seem to be growing membership numbers daily.  ”They” walk among us, without our knowledge, until we need the help of a “mom”.   Then they fly in, as if riding in an invisible jet, to save the day.  I don’t know about you, but I am glad these SUPER HERO MOMS are out there, saving lives one child at a time.  No, it’s not Mother’s Day, but when you have a mom in your presence, you can feel safe and say “thank you” to her.  You may think that they come from “another planet” (and I still think some do), but they are the unsung heroes.

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